Leasing Information

Leasing Information

Stockyards Station offers over 85,000 square feet of shopping, dining & family entertainment, Texas Style.

Fort Worth Stockyards Tourism Information

  • The Dallas / Fort Worth area ranks #1 in total annual visitor expenditures within Texas.

  • More than 40% of the $6.9 billion of all money spent by visitors in Texas is spent in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

  • 64% of all Fort Worth visitors come to the Stockyards area

  • 2.2 million tourists visit the Stockyards Station area annually

Stockyards Station

16.4 miles from the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.
3.1 miles from downtown Fort Worth.
38.3 miles from downtown Dallas.


For leasing information and availability contact:

Don Blair

Director of Real Estate
(817) 625-9715